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 [MEP][Team Rocket] CracK!!

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PostSubject: [MEP][Team Rocket] CracK!!   Wed 31 Jul - 1:28


Team Rocket (our awesome name orz)
track 1 Aresshiachan - Dance in The Vampire Bund
track 2 gabberMD - Shingeki no Kyojin
track 3 [madaraxD] - Btooom!
track 4 JazzsVids - Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
track 5 Luna - Blood C
track 6 cariuchiha - Psycho Pass
track 7 Sempai3607 - Rainbow Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
track 8 LucidAPs - First Squad

So yeah, here is our MEP for Eden IC, hope you like it guys, took us a while add those crack things in faces and skin of characters xD..ENJOY OUR CRACK!!
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PostSubject: Re: [MEP][Team Rocket] CracK!!   Tue 6 Aug - 15:20

I wrote a comment but it got deleted Mad

Nyway', the mep was a bit boring for me i diden't like the music exept at the end of it and the concept interesting was hard to see in some parts, i liked the Shingeki and Rainbow parts though they were cool.

What place did you guys get ?

~ F***.Y.C
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[MEP][Team Rocket] CracK!!

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