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 [Ellines Nakama] Zenryokou (Maik's Birthday)

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PostSubject: [Ellines Nakama] Zenryokou (Maik's Birthday)   Thu 17 Oct - 8:25

Criticism is super welcome

Production: Ellines Nakama
Author(s): TheGMSsj / ZoroIttoryu16 / AlchemistEskimo / InvisibleBlack / 995Gabber
Anime source(s): Shingeki No Kyojin / Saint Seiya: Lost canvas / Kill La Kill / Canaan / To Aru Majutsu No Index
Audio Source: D.R.U.G.S - if you think this song is about you then it probably is
Other credits: Voxyde Aka Rrez for the dragon intro, and GMS for the MEP intro Smile

Download link: download/xh7ijc7c090tog7/Zenryokou+MEP_deluxe.mp4

So we decided to make a mep for him "@ THE FREAKING NIGHT OF HIS BIRTHDAY". Typical from us Lol, and that's why we were 3 days late.. More like that's why we had 3 days to edit.

and Yea.. Late Happy Birthday Great Leader Very Happy
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[Ellines Nakama] Zenryokou (Maik's Birthday)

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