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  MEP Beating The Sky

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PostSubject: MEP Beating The Sky    Mon 16 Dec - 1:41

-Song: maNga - Fly to Stay Alive
-Download: download/5urbyvcly3ttynd/%5BMEP%5D+Beating+The+Sky.mp4

Intro ZA / 0:00 - 0:10
Track 7 - Reyzen / 0:10 - 0:38
Anime: Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Track 2 - Geingel / 0:38 - 1:06
Anime: To aru Majotsu no Index
Track 3 - TheCacoVenom / 1:06 - 1:31
Anime: Fate Zero
Track 4 - iKuro / 1:31 - 2:03
Anime: Segoku Basara
Track + - TheCacoVenom / 2:03 - 2:18
Anime: Soul Eater
Outro - Geingel / 2:18 - 2:41

Our entry for Paranoia IC Contest. At the Beginning of this Contest we had 3 days to do the MEP.
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PostSubject: Re: MEP Beating The Sky    Sun 29 Dec - 4:26


so here my toughs track by track:

1- well I had hard time to enjoy it since the lyrics and scene don't go at all together... editing was okay^^
2- Like it, some bad cam movements here and there but cool track!
3-Simple well done Wink
4- I'm sad the scenes seems to go well with the lyrics but the editing sync wasn't there for me Sad
5- short track lol well the piano scene was good xD Outro was kinda long and the text wasn't pretty at all, looks like some simple vegas credits text xD

Good luck for your next project Wink

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MEP Beating The Sky

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