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 Anime's Got Talent

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PostSubject: Re: Anime's Got Talent   Wed 22 Jul - 20:51

Soul's team's got talent ! just awesome , thank you luna , jazz and replay ! So much ideas and rotos xDDDD Congratz for the public's choice .
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Fou Furieux
Fou Furieux

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PostSubject: Re: Anime's Got Talent   Fri 24 Jul - 13:22

Hello guys!!

That was mindblowing, the concept is a first and is carried perfectly, that's what happens when collaboration gets so well thought! I was particularly amazed at how you used some anime scenes as a talent, for example Luffy's elasticity was a really cool move XD Of course the end was also a great finish that actually made people applause, this is rare that a fun AMV is really "fun" haha.

Apart from that the effects are really nice, you put a lot of thought and effort in the masks and that paid off for me, sure sometimes the background seems a bit too realistic or whatever but it honestly didn't bother me much. If anything, I do think that the light could have been better managed at some points (should have been more obvious on the masks). Again that's a detail.

The narration was really good as well, in the end it's pretty straightforward but it's fun to see reactions of some characters introduced earlier like Kaito, Lelouch etc. But I guess that's also where the problem lies, the concept can get pretty repetitive, the main characters never really go out of the stage and even though I think your editing was really well diversified, that's the kind of bind that is double-edged. Still that was very nice to think of showing the tv spectators and stuff like that. Due to that too, you had to sacrifice a bit of the synch at some points, despite staying dynamic, it forcibly never really shoots off (that's also because of that dumb song >_>) and I have to say that when you kinda know what's going to happen it can feel a bit slow at the end. As a nuance though I loved that 1:52 part, especially the Me Me Me scene, that was really fitting for that build up!

So yeah, an awesome job, technically very throrough and with great ideas. Congratz on your place and especially on Viewer's choice and all the attention your vid received because it really deserves it good game
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Anime's Got Talent

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