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 Cuz is not for me

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PostSubject: Cuz is not for me    Tue 7 Jul - 17:15

I did this amv for the japan expo because one friend (amv Strat) and Bossmorad told me if I would like to go to france this summer and watch the Japan expo so the worth think should be to participate on the japan expo and be finalist. When MDL said the 4th pack I was veeery happy because I was there but the problem was when he told the 6th pack because strat it wasn't there :c... (finally bossmorad couldn't come so he hadn't do the amv :c)
The next day, the finalist was announced and I was in another gruop the "Coup de coeur" that I didn't have a lot of idea of what it was :'D. By the way we want to go to the japan expo for life the experience and that, so we went and I really like it c: Finally I meet Dn@, my bro Fadoo-sama <3, Vlex, Luna and Jazzy. Well for finish this text, my last words are: I really like the experience you rock guys!!
Coup de coeur
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Cuz is not for me

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