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 SpeedProof [Ĉon IC]

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PostSubject: SpeedProof [Ĉon IC]   Fri 16 Oct - 19:03


Ĉon: SpeedProof [New Edition] IC █

You are invited to join Ĉon's first IC!!  We are hosting this IC to celebrate our 2nd year of Ĉon!
Lots of editors have been asking us to make our own IC , prove yourself with your own hands ! , or be lazy and use one hand and one partner hand.

► Judges ◄

Here are the four judges of the IC:

► General Details ◄

● Solo or Teams of 2 editors only [no MEPs].
● To sign up for the IC , leave a comment here:
with your name or If you gonna make a collab leave a comment of your name and your partner name.

● This IC will start on: Thursday 29th October at 8PM GMT+1 and end on Sunday 01st November at 12PM GMT+1
Workmust be 2 min minimum (without intro /outro)
Categories: Action, Psycho/Horror, GMV/Live Action, Dance/Upbeat, Fun/Comedy, Romance/Drama , Ĉon special!
Ĉon special category [INFO]:

► Video Requirements ◄

● You may present your entry in the following video formats: mp4, mkv, wmv, avi. Foreign formats will not be accepted.
● Accepted audio codecs are mp3, wav, aac. Foreign codecs will not be accepted.
● The file size of any entry cannot exceed 300MBs.
● The contest logo “Changing the display and the individual elements of the logo is permitted”.
Have to be shown at least for 3 seconds in the beginning or ending of each work for each round.

► Judging ◄

We will judge the work based on Flow, Style, Synch, Effects and Concept , 10 makes for each one , 50 total for each judge
Then will be divided by 4 to get the final score of all judge together, and in the end we will upload the full results with all the point that you got in each section
So you guys know how your work had been judged .

► Ranking ◄

Individual rankings will be created for each category, under the condition a minimum of 3 entries were received.

► Prize ◄

Amazon Gift Card for the winner!

If you have any questions leave them below, Good luck everyone! And have a good time.
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PostSubject: Re: SpeedProof [Ĉon IC]   Sat 17 Oct - 3:49

Good luck to everyone! Wink

In battles, the ones who get in the way are not the ones that have no power.
They are the ones that have no resolve for battle.


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SpeedProof [Ĉon IC]

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