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 [AkrossCon 2K15] #Woe Admonition

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PostSubject: [AkrossCon 2K15] #Woe Admonition   Thu 4 Feb - 16:45


Yo les gars ,something si vous etres interessť

The concept is just so simple :
A guy who was in mad love with some girl but the girl died because of something I just do not want to get in more details about her death coz itís not important so the guy just didnít got over her death
The video is Three Parts: Present, Between Past and the Present and back to the Present again.
1. Itís when the guy is show in his home u know same boring things waking up .. (Present).
2. The guy just cannot stand the memories hunting him down se he got out almost lost his mind †n the past is sneaking on his present ( images from death of the girl )
3. Last part itís when heíll hear some sound whoís going to make him back to his normal self again. And this keeps repeating until forever
SONG : Eden - Man Down
Anime : ALOT just jwatch the video tiill teh end

Streaming Shiezz
DLL :;id=4700
Telecharge l'ALT version c'est bon pour la sante
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[AkrossCon 2K15] #Woe Admonition

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