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 [Dance] Nior - Live For The Night

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PostSubject: [Dance] Nior - Live For The Night   Tue 28 Feb - 0:16

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Fou Furieux
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PostSubject: Re: [Dance] Nior - Live For The Night   Tue 7 Mar - 10:26


I didn't like it. Good job for trying to somehow make a concept but it wasn't good enough technically to work.
First of all, the mix is totally overlooked, you just chose a different source each time and didn't try to melt it together. Even with the kind of effects you used, it's like it was a mep edited by different persons.
The first part was filled with fades making it look not very clean and the text was plain terrible and kitsch. Keep it simple.

From 38s, just no. You do not create rhythm by making the camera completely crazy, it would have been the same video by replacing all the clips by something else, which is bad. Not to mention it looks really messy and would give motion sickness to anybody.

From 0:55, just no. You do not create synch by shoving shakes and purple flashes up our face, put photos of my mom dancing instead of love live and it would be the same video. It's the same comment than the last paragraph but you did just the same in your video.

Again the composition on Lovelive before zooming out your editing software were filled with random messy cam moves and the renders were not implemented whatsoever. The zooming out the comp was good though.

As for the triangle comp at 1:28, it was a good idea. Just needed a bit more work on the implementation of renders imo but it was nice.

The purple planet concept was kinda cool but I thought the texture was a bit blurry and static.

Good luck in the contest but you should improve your raw editing before trying all of those stuff that do not help your video that much.
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[Dance] Nior - Live For The Night

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