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 [danparthenis] The Entanglement (STYLIZE 10TH EDITION)

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PostSubject: [danparthenis] The Entanglement (STYLIZE 10TH EDITION)   Thu 16 Aug - 14:23

Title: The Entanglement
Music: Sickick - Infected
Anime: Kimi no Na wa & Kotonoha no Niwa
Editor: danparthenis
DL Link:!qpBCzaKB!5TPEfF7dqeqcJF5O9lRUMXNvbKXN7h0iDATmPtEgoPI
Description: I really want to keep improving so please give me some feedback and criticism, all is appreciated.
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Soul's team
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PostSubject: Re: [danparthenis] The Entanglement (STYLIZE 10TH EDITION)   Wed 29 Aug - 16:35

I won't comment much on the scene selection, since I found it to be quite nice and it kept me entertained throughout the vid! Good job on that.

For the technical aspect tho I'll say that the chromatic aberration on the edges irked me a lot, not because the effect is not good (I spam that stuff too), but because it was applied to the whole clip. I think it's a lot more useful used sparingly, to enhance certain parts of your clip. Maybe I could overlook the choice if it had been an action video, but that's not the case here.

I like that you wanted to go for the glitch at 0:52, but that overlay wasn't maybe the best choice and it stays on the screen for way longer than the actual sound. I would recommend using a glitch plug-in instead of an overlay next time, as in my experience distorting the actual footage integrates the effect way better and gives credibility to the moment you're trying to create with it.

I liked your cuts and blurs for the most part so I won't comment on those, but I do want to point out that I would've liked to see more fades thrown in there. I think amv editors tend to not take advantage of them as they should! They can create striking impact as long as they're not used too often.

Good luck on future stuff and I hope this comment will help you somewhat Very Happy

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[danparthenis] The Entanglement (STYLIZE 10TH EDITION)

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